Look for new books from old friends and new authors.  Mystery One has copies of:

Michael Harvey: The Third Rail.  Michael is coming to Mysteryone

C.J. Box:  Nowhere to Run.  These are signed copies from C.J.’s visit.

Carrie Bebris: Intrigue at Highburn.  Signed copies of this popular series.

Seth Grahame – Smith:  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer.  Cult favorite.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon:  Prince of Mist.  A signed children’s book from a unique writer.

Harlen Coben:  Caught.  Always a popular read.

Robert B. Parker:  Blue Eyed Devil.  A Western.

Jo Nesbo:  The Devil’s Star.  3rd in series.

Denise Mina:  Still Midnight.  An author to watch from both a read and collecting standpoint.

Michael Wiley:  Bad Kitty Lounge.  Micheal will be signing at Mystery One

Tony Hays:  Divine Sacrifices.  A new favorite for Richard.

Look for graphic novels from many popular authors such as Ian Rankin, Brian Azzarello, Jason Starr, Peter Milligan and Christos N. Gage.

Other new books include:  Declan Hughes:  City of Lost Girls.  A well-regarded novel.  Jan Guillo: The Road to Jerusalem and the Templar Knights, two new books in a highly regarded historical series from a popular European author.  Alifair Burke:  212  we have signed copies of her earlier works.  Ace Atkins:  Infamous.  and Scott Turow:  Innocent.

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Anthony Cardieri : Luck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw

Anthony Cardieri

ISBN 9780312565022

St. Martin’s

New York City at Christmas can be very beautiful but it’s also the setting for a first crime novel by Anthony Cardieri. The story begins with  picture perfect family preparing for a holiday trip.  Everything is fine until, at the end of the day, the young son opens the door to a flower delivery.  They are all killed.  Enter Deke Durgess a good homicide cop.  There isn’t much to go on but a second killing also with the killers calling card means that Deke and his team are up against the worst killer the city has seen.

Luck of the Draw is an interesting, fast paced first novel.  Cardieri knows New York and the workings of bureaucracy.  It’s going to be fun to see if he can top himself with his second novel.  Check it out.

David Biemann

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The Divine Sacrifice, by Tony Hays, Forge, 2010. isbn 9780765319463

The Divine Sacrifice is the second in Tony Hays’s new historical series featuring Malgwyn, a trusted advisor to great King Arthur.  A Priest is murdered at a Christian religious center and Malgwyn must solve the crime and find out who the traitors are who covet Arthur’s throne. As Bernard Cornwell did in his brilliant Arthur trilogy, Hays is able to create a totally believable fifth century Briton. His plotting is excellent, we solve the crime along with Malgwyn. His characters ring true, this with the whole Arthurian crew present. Fans of both historical adventure and crime novels will love this series, one of my new personal favorites. Richard

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Die Twice: Andrew Grant

Die Twice, by Andrew Grant, St Martin, 2010. isbn 9780312540272

Andrew Grant returns with his second novel featuring David
Trevellyan, former Royal Navy Intelligence Officer and now a trouble
shooting spy for the British Government.  After the serous events in
NYC(portrayed in Grant’s terrific first book, Even) Trevellyan is
lying low in Chicago when summoned to The British Consulate. He is
sent after an intelligence agent gone bad who is selling dangerous
nerve gas. In his profession who do you trust,  an agent must operate
Grant books are a breath of fresh air. Like many of the best
thriller writers today(Eisler, Child, Ghelfi, Staeger, Flynn, Thor,
and many others) his books feature a tough hero lead and are part
crime novel and part adventure novel. His plotting is excellent,
relevant  and features issues from today’s news. I look forward
to his next book. Collectors take note, his first book is already
hard to find.     Richard

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The Road to Jerusalem: Jan Guillou

The Road to Jerusalem by Jan Guillou, Harper 2009.
isbn 9780061688539
The Road to Jerusalem, by Jan Guillou, is already an international sensation and the first of the three novels known as The Crusades Trilogy. It is the story of Arn, who grows up wealthy in Sweden and as a monk is taught secret knowledge and warfare.
The Road to Jerusalem is set in the late 12th century and is filled with excellent historical and political detail. It is also rich in spiritual and religious matters while being a wonderful action, adventure novel. But mostly it is the story of Arn, the young hero, as he grown into manhood and sets off for the Crusades. I loved this book and cannot wait for the next two novels in the series, now must reads.

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The Bricklayer: Noah Boyd

The Bricklayer, by Noah Boyd, Morrow 2010. isbn 9780061827013
Noah Boyd, a former FBI agent,  has crafted an excellent first book that has received great reviews and is already being collected. The FBI is the victim of a covert group of criminals that are extorting money and are killing agents. The FBI bring in Steve Vail, a former agent fired for not being a team player and let him work on the case.
The Bricklayer is a perfect example of the return of the intelligent thriller. It has nonstop action and a complicated, scary plot. The leads, Steve Vail and Deputy Assistant Director Kate Bannon are strong, very cool characters. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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The Poachers Son

Paul Doiron

St. Martin’s, Minotaur

April 2010

Through Game Warden, Mike Bowditch,  Paul Doiron introduces us to the wilds of Northern Maine and delivers an intriguing first novel.  One muggy August night,  Mike gets a phone call from his estranged father. It’s an odd call that only makes sense the next day when Mike is informed that a police officer has been killed and Mike’s father is the main suspect.   Mike, is certain his father is mean-spirited, and a loner but not a killer.  Mike puts his job in jeopardy by investigating the murder in order to clear his father.

Mr. Doiron plots well, writes well and the story is believable.  Mike and his co-workers have a comfortably real feel to them.  Most of the outdoor murder mysteries seem to take place out west.  Paul Doiron sets The Poachers Son in Maine and proves, in an excellent first effort, that the woods of the east can be just as wild.  Give The Poachers Son a read.

Dave Biemann for Mysteryone bookstore.

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